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Wolfenstein Cheats Console Codes

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Vista: Get the "wolf.cfg" file (\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\id Software\WolfSP\base) and make a copy of it. Rename the copy "autoexec.cfg" and open it in a text editor and add the following line: seta g_cheatsAreOn "1"

XP: Open the settings for the shortcut and add "+set com_allowconsole 1" to the "target" text.
Right ALT + Left ALT + ~ opens the console when in the game.

※ 비스타와, XP의 치트 설정이 다르기때문에 주의 해야합니다!

giveallintel - All Intel
- Give All Veil Powers
- Gives All Power Upgrades
- Gives desired amount of money
- God Mode
- Ignored by enemies
- Sets total Money to $31,337
- Unlocks Achievements
- Unlocks Objectives
pawn enemies_elite_guard
- Spawns a blonde Elite Guard armed with a dagger.
spawn enemies_elite_guard_02
- Spawns a brunette Elite Guard armed with a whip.
spawn enemies_ak_flame_trooper
- Spawns a Flamethrower Trooper.
spawn allies_kreisau_soldier_01
- Spawns a friendly Kreisau soldier armed with an MP40 smg. Valid characters are 01 to 05.
spawn enemies_despoiled_green
- Spawns a green Despoiled (flaming skeleton).
spawn enemies_ak_heavy_trooper
- Spawns a Heavy Trooper.
spawn enemies_despoiled_red
- Spawns a red Despoiled (flaming skeleton).
spawn enemies_ak_rocket_trooper
- Spawns a Rocket Trooper with a jetpack.
spawn enemies_scribe
- Spawns a Scribe (magic user).
spawn enemies_sniffer
- Spawns a Sniffer (mutant).
spawn enemies_wehrmacht_officer
- Spawns a Wehrmacht officer armed with an MP40 smg.
spawn enemies_wehrmacht_sniper
- Spawns a Wehrmacht sniper armed with a sniper rifle.
spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry
- Spawns a Wehrmacht soldier armed with a Kar98 rifle (may cause map to crash if this enemy type is not already present in the level).
spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry_mp40
- Spawns a Wehrmacht soldier armed with an MP40 smg.
spawn enemies_altered
- Spawns an Altered (giant, invincible mutant)
spawn enemies_ak_assassin
- Spawns an Assassin.
spawn enemies_SS_officer
- Spawns an SS officer armed with an MP43 assault rifle.
spawn enemies_SS_sentry
- Spawns an SS soldier armed with an MP43 assault rifle.
spawn allies_kreisau_erik
- Spawns friendly Erik Engle armed with an MP40 smg. Has more health than a basic Kreisau soldier.
Unlock Cheats - Complete the game on any difficulty.
Turning on cheats will disable achievements.

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