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기존의 여러게임에서 cwcheat로는 psp상에서 홈브류가 실행 가능했지만, Resistance: Retribution,(레지스탕스:레트리뷰션)은 umd상이나 게임실행중 홈브류 실행이 되지않습니다.
아니 될수도 있겠죠.(출시되는 지역따라 버전이 다르니까요.^^)
게임은 해야겠고, 캐릭터는 계속 죽는데, 그렇다고 안할수는 없는거고, 그래서 열심히 사용방법을 구글 서핑을 통해서 발견했습니다.

[Resistance: Retribution] cheat
As many of you know, vosman released the RESIS.prx, an easy to use cheat device for REsistance REtribution Jap.

The cheat device don't work for other region releases of the game, so I edited the prx for compatibility to the US region release.

So here it is: REsistance REtribution US cheats (UCUS-98668)

Download US RESIS.prx here:
Download Eur RESIS.prx here:

Instrructions on how to use:

1. Just rename the USRESIS.prx to RESIS.prx (i just appended US so I won't be confuse for which region my files are for)
2. Just put the RESIS.prx inside your seplugins folder in your memstick
3. Add this line ms0:/seplugins/RESIS.prx to your game.txt inside seplugins folder and enable the prx in recovery (if you're using 5.00 m33, you can directly put ms0:/seplugins/RESIS.prx 1)(거의 1~4번으로 설명이 됩니다.)
4. In the game, jus press:

L + R + UP to open the menu
L + R + DOWN to close the menu

just toggle the cheat ON or OFF via the left/right directional button.

You might ask, why this over the cwcheat codes?

answer: this is more stable than the cwcheat codes plus it has infinite grenades which I believe the cwcheat doesn't have.

For the origfginal cheat for Jap RElease:

here it is:

- 나라별 출시 게임버전(JAP/EUR/USA)이 틀리기때문에, 지역별 RESIS.PRX파일을 다운
- ms0:/seplugins 메모리스틱의 seplugins에 복사(RESIS파일이 있다면 백업)
- seplugins game.txt 파일안에 ms0:/seplugins/RESIS.prx 텍스트라인추가후 저장
- 만약 5.00-m33버전이상이면, ms0:/seplugins/RESIS.prx 1 텍스트라인추가후 저장

자...그럼 PSP PLay!!


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